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DCS A10-C: Instructor-led virtual training session

Now pay attention, class.

Ready for formation take-off, and experiencing a bit of tightness in the nethers

Serious sims have always seemed to be a bit of a niche market in PC gaming, the emphasis being more on a cerebral challenge without the visuals to back up the mechanics. It’s only recently that graphics hardware has reached the stage where gameworlds can be realistically rendered at decent framerates with beautiful lighting, detailed 3D objects, volumetric particles, HDR effects, and realtime physics calculations. Then there’s the new peripherals: hi-res flatscreens, touchscreens, multi-monitor support, head tracking devices, and premium-quality programmable joysticks. Perhaps that’s why DCS world, the most hardcore of hardcore sims, is enjoying a surge of success despite (or perhaps because of) its intimidating detail and painstaking authenticity – the sim gameworld actually looks good, works well (e.g. weather, aerodynamic, airframe and gravity physics) so you don’t have to imagine a beautiful gameworld behind the instruments any more – it’s right there, all around you. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by on October 7, 2013 in Gamers Gazette, The Library


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