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DCS A10-C: Instructor-led virtual training session

Now pay attention, class.

Ready for formation take-off, and experiencing a bit of tightness in the nethers

Serious sims have always seemed to be a bit of a niche market in PC gaming, the emphasis being more on a cerebral challenge without the visuals to back up the mechanics. It’s only recently that graphics hardware has reached the stage where gameworlds can be realistically rendered at decent framerates with beautiful lighting, detailed 3D objects, volumetric particles, HDR effects, and realtime physics calculations. Then there’s the new peripherals: hi-res flatscreens, touchscreens, multi-monitor support, head tracking devices, and premium-quality programmable joysticks. Perhaps that’s why DCS world, the most hardcore of hardcore sims, is enjoying a surge of success despite (or perhaps because of) its intimidating detail and painstaking authenticity – the sim gameworld actually looks good, works well (e.g. weather, aerodynamic, airframe and gravity physics) so you don’t have to imagine a beautiful gameworld behind the instruments any more – it’s right there, all around you. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bank Holiday ARMAfest 2013

The Medic Cairn phenomenon sometimes appears where people help each other in a hot zone…or a helo loses a rotor.

The grand & glorious conceit of the ARMA concept has always been about potential: a huge, seamless gameworld which reduces players to the scale of ants on a football pitch, albeit soldier ants with APCs, tanks, attack helicopters and a seemingly endless arsenal of mystifyingly-named infantry weapons & ordnance, all wrapped & presented in one of the most obtuse yet functionally rich interfaces in gaming. Get past this, and you then have to contend with punishingly competent AI who can shred a gaggle of CoD-raised run & gunners in a New York minute. This game needs skill, patience, teamwork, communication, stamina, and a bit of luck. Oh dear. Read the rest of this entry »

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SupCom 2 – getting experimental

Quantum Distortion Cannon - the shottie of artillery

Quantum Distortion Cannon – like a shottie made of artillery

Seeing as most of our SupCom games are a frantic, sweaty frenzy of scrabbling to survive, the cognitive demands of the endgame have generally resulted in rather messy conclusions so far. Red & I decided to set up some test games, using easier opponents than our usual fine-tuned AIs, and give ourselves the breathing space to explore the advanced experimental units, and strategies for deploying them. We set up on a 4×4 map with the two of us against 2 easy and 1 normal AI, and whilst things didn’t go quite according to plan, it was nevertheless, epic. Read the rest of this entry »

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SupCom2 – analysis of a comp-stomp

When we first started playing Supreme Commander 2 in co-op, we put on our training wheels and went up against easy AI opponents, while we learned the ropes. This didn’t take too long, as SupCom 2 was designed to be more streamlined & accessible than its groundbreaking predecessor. But SupCom2 nails the “easy to learn; hard to master’ paradigm, thanks to the generous smorgasbord of strategic options on offer. The shades of choice between specialising or generalising are multiplied when a few friends are on-side, giving each player a bit more breathing space to develop their order of battle according to their preference. Plus the stroke-beard pre-match consultations and debates add to the fun. Read the rest of this entry »

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Second Impressions… Wargame: European Escalation

Wargame: European Escalation

Wargame: European Escalation

I finally managed to put real world distractions aside for an evening and dive into co-op play and my word, it’s quite a welcome departure from the single-player chaos I initially experienced. Gone is the panicky realisation that I’m constantly about twenty actions behind where I need to be, and the sense that I’m sawing away at a violin as my ship slides inexorably beneath the icy waves below. Read the rest of this entry »

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Borderlands 2 co-op weekend

Steam’s F12 screenie facility needs a self-timer

After several months engrossed in the deeply engaging, but cognitively challenging highs & lows of ARMA2 and DayZ, Borderlands 2 offered the promise of pure distilled fun as a lightweight counterpoint to the hardcore rigours of milsim-grade shooters. So, a four-pack having been bagged from Steam, we dropped in to see how the harsh world of Pandora was faring since our last visit. Read the rest of this entry »

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Trip’s DayZ Diary: Zeds to the left of me, zeds to the right me, here I am…

DayZSo I played on and I can tell you that lone-wolf is not a long term strategy for this game.

From my second spawn point I managed to recon about a mile of beach in both directions.  I started to the left (sea to the left of me; land to the right. I have no idea which direction I was heading in as you start with no compass) and quickly came across a lighthouse where I bumped (literally) in to my first survivor (player).  We eyed each other nervously before backing away and going on our separate ways. Read the rest of this entry »


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